PTA Executive Board

Meet our board for 2018-19

Jane Kalinski

PTA Co-President

Jane has been a parent and active volunteer for 3 years and is passionate about helping our students to get the best out of their time at our school. She is a yoga-addict and a recent convert to matcha!

John Wang

PTA Co-President

John was PTA Co-President last year and is handing over the reins to Jane. John has two kids at the school and is an avid basketball fan.

Eric Sanchez

PTA Co-Treasurer

Eric has stepped in to keep a handle on the PTA finances this year. He's a qualifies accountant with 20 years experience, and a seasoned surfer too! We're delighted to have him on board.

Kavitha Patel

PTA Co-Treasurer

Kavitha did a fantastic job managing our PTA accounts last year, and is now supporting Eric as he steps into the role. As a bike enthusiast, Kavitha makes sure we keep on our toes too!

Kelly Simpson

PTA Secretary

Kelly keep track of all meetings, minutes and ensures we stay on the right side of the PTA By-Laws. You'll usually find her in one of our local coffee houses!

Join our PTA Board

We're always looking for more parents to join our PTA board. We're fun and welcoming and respect your time. We have a number of committee positions available, so please don't hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation chat to learn more.

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